Many reasons for a day on the Potomac

  • Enjoying time with family or friends
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Romantic anniversary sunset cruises
  • Sightseeing cruises to Washington DC
  • Sunset happy hour celebration
  • Holidays on the river
  • Work celebrations
  • Engagements (we are happy to help plan for these)

Itinerary Suggestions

Choose a couple of the following for a half day cruise (4 hours)

Swimming, sun, and relax:

Cruise upriver and enjoy views of Mt. Vernon

Visit “Ghost Fleet” at Mallows Bay

Fossil and sharktooth hunting for kids

Full Day (7-8 hours)

Choose some of the half day itinerary items for a relaxing full day on water

Trip North up the river for lunch, sightseeing, and adventures in Washington DC

Bring your own lunch or get takeout/eat at one of the many restaurants on the river

Sunset (2.5 hours)

Enjoy a slower cruise on the river or anchor and enjoy your favorite food and beverages while watching a stunning Potomac sunset.

Potomac Sunset