Frequently Asked Questions

Why can we only have 6 passengers?

USCG regulations allow only 6 passengers plus crew on uninspected passenger vessels. In order to carry more passengers, boats must be designed and built specifically for commercial use and go through a lengthy and costly annual inspection. Generally, smaller tour and fishing charter boats will fall under the uninspected category. If you encounter charters offering to carry more than 6 guests, you should ask to ensure they have a certificate of inspection and that the Captain has the credentials for inspected vessels. This is a common type of illegal chartering. Captain Perry is credentialed for inspected vessels but we must restrict to passengers 6 plus crew as our vessel is not inspected.

What types of payment do you accept?

Full payment will be due once your cruise date and time are confirmed. For credit cards, a secure link will be emailed to you. If you prefer another form of payment, let us know during the booking process.

What if I need to cancel?

Cancellation is permitted up to 3 days in advance of your scheduled cruise for a full refund. Payments are non-refundable less than 3 days from your cruise.

What if the weather is forecasted to be bad?

Safety is our top priority and we want your experience to be enjoyable for you and your guests. A cloudy and/or rainy day is an unexpected joy on a DC area summer day. When there are storms forecasted or posted hazardous marine conditions, we will work with you to reschedule or provide a full refund. Sometimes conditions may alter a planned itinerary, on these days we will work with you to provide a safe and enjoyable experience. For example, one side of the river could be rough and the other completely calm.

Does your boat have a bathroom?

Our boat is equipped with a pop-up privacy area on the back of the boat equipped with a portable marine toilet. There is also a bathroom/changing room located at the marina by our pier.

Do you provide food or drinks?

Enjoying your favorite food and drinks is enhances the boating experience. We provide bottled water and soft drinks. We encourage you to bring your other drinks, snacks or meals on the boat. Pulling up to the dock of some great restaurants is another option. See more info under the Details tab.

Can we bring alcoholic beverages?

Yes. The main charter boat guest is responsible for ensuring that all passengers consuming alcohol are 21 or older. We encourage you to have a great time and only ask that no passengers drink so much that they can’t follow safety directions from the Captain. If this happens your cruise will have to end early.

Can we swim?

Yes. Our family has enjoyed many days on the Potomac swimming and getting some sun. We have floats available. If you desire swimming, be sure to mention when reserving and we can plan your itinerary around some great places to anchor. Swimming will be at the discretion of the captain and weather conditions to ensure safety.

What crew will be on the boat with us?

Every trip is under the command of Captain Perry (USCG licensed Charter and 25 Ton Master Captain). On some days there may be another mate on board to assist with docking and anchoring (especially on windy days) or if other services are requested that will require additional assistance on the boat. Additional crew does not impact the 6 passenger limit.